25 August 2020

Koktebel to host a week of music next summer

Фестивали джаза и рэпа в 2020-м пройдут под девизом «За чистый Коктебель»
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Next year dates for the Koktebel Jazz Party and Rap Koktebel have been announced. The bohemian village in one of the most beautiful areas of Crimea will welcome Russian and foreign musicians and jazz and rap enthusiasts on August 17-23, 2020.

Koktebel’s music week will kick off with Koktebel Jazz Party on August 21-23, featuring performances by jazz gurus, followed by RAP Koktebel on August 25.

"In 2019, both festivals in Koktebel became the most memorable music events on the peninsula. Next year, the locals and visitors will enjoy an entire week of music performances," commented Koktebel Jazz Party founder, journalist Dmitry Kiselev.

The Koktebel Jazz Party was founded in 2003 as a private initiative by Koktebel jazz pioneer, journalist Dmitry Kiselev. The small Crimean town lent its name to the event which is now on the list of highly acclaimed world jazz festivals. The organizers traditionally keep the celebrity performers' names secret. Over the years, the festival has seen performances by legendary jazz drummer Jimmy Cobb (USA), Grammy Award winner for Best Latin Jazz Album Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Cuba), American bassist known for his innovative technique Stanley Clarke, nu jazz stars Club Des Belugas (Germany), extraordinary saxophonist Robert Anchipolovsky (Israel) and German band De-Phazz from Heidelberg. Russian President Vladimir Putin was among the festival guests in 2017.

The Koktebel Jazz Party is not just world-class jazz, it is true freedom that creates a united vibration of music, the sea, body and soul. The festival is organized by Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency and the Red Square media group. Since 2014, the Ministry of Culture has provided support to the Koktebel Jazz Party.

Also initiated by Dmitry Kiselev, Rap Koktebel, a festival of youth rap culture and music, was first held in Crimea in late August 2019.